Saks Fifth Avenue introduces Beaumont Kitchen

According to, Saks new store at Sherway Gardens in Toronto is expected to open on February 25.  The store will have a 5,500 square foot restaurant Beaumont Kitchen which will be operated by Oliver & Bonacini.  Oliver & Bonacini are well known in the restaurant and event circle within Toronto, allowing Saks to have partner who knows the Toronto culinary market and has experience in launching new concepts.

The Saks at Toronto’s Eaton Centre will also have an 11,000 square foot restaurant and bar, displaying that they are targeting Nordstrom Canada’s Bistro Verde concept.

Canadian customers are not used to upscale dining in a department store setting, however Bistro Verde has been performing fairly well during its short time.  With many restaurants moving towards the “upscale-casual” dining concept, the positioning for both Bistro Verde and the new Beaumont Kitchen hits the mark.

I suspect a variety of foods will hit the menus across Saks in Canada, since a department store restaurant has to attempt to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

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