Revival Food Hall in Chicago Nearly Ready for Opening

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Revival Food Hall in Chicago’s “Loop” plans to open in mid-August, and once in operation, will be the largest and most diverse food option in the area.  It will encompass 24,000 SF of space, featuring 15 food stalls, a coffee shop, bar, record store, and reading corner.

Its prime location will create destination appeal for office workers, local residents, and the tourist crowd.  The developer and operator, 16″ On Center has stated that most food stall operators will be local restaurants, providing a breeding ground for experimentation.  In classic Chicago fashion, the Food Hall will be located in a stunning building (The National) that was originally designed by architect and urban designer Daniel Burnham in 1907.  The property owner, Blue Star, has fully retrofitted the buildings interior which will include office space, outdoor terraces, and a fitness area, in addition to the Food Hall.  It will be exciting to see visuals of the Revival Food Hall once it opens, and whether it will employ design language from Food Halls of the early 20th century.

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