West Louisville FoodPort Close to Fundraising Goal

Great to see the West Louisville FoodPort continue to obtain grants and pledges for its $9 million USD goal.  As it typically is with such progressive community-oriented initiatives, funding can often-times be the detriment to innovative projects getting off the ground.

The Lane Report

According to the non-profit developer Seed Capital, the West Louisville FoodPort will become a beacon of economic investment that will provide food, education, and jobs to the local community.  The project will reside on 24-acres of land, with the project design by OMA Architects.   The renderings are quite striking and would architecturally set the project apart.  Seed Capital states the following for the envisioned FoodPort:

Serving Our Community

The FoodPort is good for farmers, businesses, and the greater Louisville community.

  • Tenants will include farmers, educator, distributors, food processors, startups, and retailers.
  • Businesses and individuals can buy more local food – and regional farmers can sell more of what they grow – in one place.
  • The FoodPort will bring over 300 jobs and is committed to filling as many of those jobs as possible with people from West Louisville.
  • The FoodPort will provide space for classes on cooking, nutrition and gardening, both indoors and at its 2-acre demonstration farm.
  • The site and two large public plazas will include walking paths, play spaces, and public space for gatherings, public markets, concerts and other events.
  • Investments in sustainability will include solar power, geothermal energy, and using rainwater for irrigation and water needs.
  • Retail spaces will be rented to stores selling food for workers, neighbors, and others attracted to the site.
  • Increased presence of employees, neighbors, and visitors will bring restaurants and food markets to life on the busy Market Street corridor.

It will be interesting to see how this develops throughout 2016, and when Seed Capital is able to get shovels in the ground.  A great case study in terms of funding.


Rendering credited to OMA Architects, Architecture Daily, and Seed Capital. 


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