Pine Street Market becomes a hit in Food-Obsessed Portland

There a lot of great places to eat in Portland.  From my three visits down the I-5 over the past couple years, I have been able to try quite a few of them.  From food cart pods to brick-and-mortar restaurants, Portland does F&B right.

The biggest hype for the city this year, or at least the downtown core, is the recent opening of Pine Street Market at 2nd Street and Pine.  The 10,000 SF space is located in a historic building and has nine operators that are the “who’s who” of culinary gastronomy in Portland.  This includes popular ice cream maker Salt & Straw opening its new concept, Wiz Bang Bar, which features a plethora of soft serve ice cream flavors with various toppings.  Although the 10,000 SF space for a food hall is not very large in comparison to many of the recent openings of food halls across the United States, the owners of Pine Street Market curated a strong list of operators and customers have been coming in droves over the past few months.  The reviews have been primarily positive as well, even though it may simply be a cooler version of a food court.

Image credited to Travel Portland

Image credited to Travel Portland


Image Credited to The Oregonian

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