Aeroponics Farms Could be the Next Big Thing in Urban Farming

Last week I talked about urban farming in Chicago and the big strides that many entrepreneurs in the city are taking to ensure locally produced produce is available to residents and restaurants.  Here in Vancouver, Harvest Urban Farms is on the cutting edge of urban farming with the creation of an “aeroponics” farm just outside of the downtown core.

Aeroponics is a type of farming where plants are grown in an indoor mist environment that requires little to no soil.  An Aeroponics environment allows vegetables and herbs to grow at a much faster rate than typical urban farming, which ultimately allows a greater amount of produce to be harvested and distributed.

Off of the Harvest Urban Farms website:

We are a team of farmers growing fresh produce in a warehouse in Strathcona.

We grow using aeroponics and sustainable, organic practices.

We sell to restaurants and markets within a 10km radius of our farm.

We believe produce tastes better when it’s delivered the same day it’s picked.

Orders can be placed directly online through the Harvest Urban Farms website.

I believe this type of practice is really displaying what the future of agribusiness can be in high-density urban environments.  Various types of vegetables are grown at a rapid yet natural and organic pace, ordered by consumers, and delivered the same or next day.  The exciting thing about these spaces is that they are known to consume much less water and energy than traditional farming practices, in a highly dense environment.  A large goal at this point is moving to a scale and efficiency that would generate food that could be sold at prices to consumers at similar or lower prices than we would see at the grocery store, year round.


Imaged credited to Harvest Urban Farms


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