1028 Market and The Hall in San Francisco

When War Horse and Tidewater Capital purchased 1028 Market Street in San Francisco several years ago, the building occupying the site was previously used as a billiards hall.  Rather than let the building sit empty while the development group went through a lengthy rezoning, entitlement and development approvals process, they decided to implement a very cool  food hall, event, and community gathering space.  It is a temporary use project to keep the site active.  Think of it as a longer term pop-up culinary space.

“The Hall SF” launched in 2014 and has become a popular fixture at 1028 Market Street.  Although the building is not very large (less than 10,000 SF all-in), there are six rotating independent vendors, a liquor license allows for beer, wine, and spirits, and the entire Hall can be rented out for private events, weddings, corporate product launches, etc.  What is really innovative about hosting an event at The Hall is that all food and drink is catered by the vendors, providing a very unique and diverse menu to attending guests.


The Hall SF Interior – Image Credited to TheHallSF 

From The Hall SF website:

The Hall is the perfect venue for virtually any type of private culinary event.  We have communal tables for parties of 6-10 indoors or out, standing bar tables for happy hour events, and the capacity to host up to 150 for a wedding celebration or corporate get-together. Events can be built around sit-down dinners, drinks & canapés, hands-on culinary classes, wine tasting/education—just about anything related to eating and drinking. We welcome you to enjoy a personal tour of our space to see what we have to offer and to inspire ideas for your next event!

Since The Hall was always planned as a temporary use project to keep 1028 Market Street active during the planning process, once demolition begins, it will have to move to another location.  The developer is already looking into other locations for The Hall, but it remains to be seen whether it can be relocated within the neighborhood.  The Hall could potentially move back into 1028 Market Street once the mixed-use development is completed, but again, nothing is set-in-stone yet.  I’m sure to local residents, they would love to see The Hall re-emerge and become a permanent fixture so that it can continue to “Harness the Power of Food to Build Community” as their website states.

Due to The Hall’s relatively small footprint in comparison to many other Food Halls in the United States, it would only require a small anchor space or the amalgamation of several small inline retail units.

Overall, The Hall is a great success story of temporary space being utilized by a developer.  It provides a new revenue stream to the developer while they wait for their development entitlements.  It provides budding chefs and culinary entrepreneurs a temporary space to try a new concept or start up their business.  It provides the community with a cool hangout spot.  It activates the street rather than a blank wall or empty building.


The Hall SF Outdoor Patio – Image Credited to TheHallSF


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