Highly Anticipated Revival Food Hall Opens

Today was the big day in Chicago.  Revival Food Hall opened up in the historic National Building after months of anticipation.  I suppose I should be planning my next visit to Chicago soon….

The website Thrillist gives a pretty good rundown of many of the intriguing food shops that are at the 24,000 square foot Revival Food Hall on opening day.

Eater also conducted and released an interview yesterday  with the food halls masterminds, Craig Golden and Bruce Finkelman.  In regards to others starting up a food hall, Golden stated in the interview that “it’s not particularly a real-estate driven concept.  I know they’ll find challenges in a lot of different buildings with who they’ll put in and how they’ll make it work.”  Very interesting point, and very true.  It is not a simple retail store or office space that relies purely on real estate market forces.  Food halls are extremely specific, require highly-strategic layouts, a strong mix of vendors, connections with the local culinary community, a well thought-out business plan, proper marketing, and an accessible location among other items.

I look forward to reading about the feedback Revival receives over the next several weeks.


Revival Food Hall Opening Day – Image credited to Chritiques

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