Pizitz Food Hall Opens in Birmingham

Five months ago I discussed the highly anticipated Pizitz Food Hall at The Pizitz development in Birmingham, Alabama.  The mixed-use development is anchored by a progressive food hall that brings forth many new international concepts that are new to consumers in Alabama such as Korean, Jewish, and Ethiopian.

The Pizitz Food Hall has been having a soft opening over the past week, but the most intriguing concept for myself is Reveal Kitchen.  Reveal is a restaurant incubator space created in partnership between the developer Bayer Properties and REV Birmingham.  Tropicaleo was chosen as the first entrant to Reveal Kitchen and will be dishing out authentic Puerto Rican food.  Reveal Kitchen will have a new tenant every four-to-six months which will allow local culinary entrepreneurs who don’t have a high amount of capital to try and test new concepts.  If they are successful during their stay at Reveal, they can try to grab a permanent spot at Pizitz Food Hall, or lease a retail storefront nearby.

It will be interesting to monitor the Reveal Kitchen space over the next few years and see the success of the incubated companies.


Reveal Kitchen at Pizitz Food Hall – Image credited to AL.com


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